Friday, 10 May 2019

tired with renovations

It’s been a while since I have blogged again, trying to stay consistent yet the renovations that I am going through are a complete distraction for my creativity as I am never in one space with things settled. 

When life is in boxes and suitcases you tend to feel tired and mentally drained to do anything else when you have any down time, things that once where fun become a chore. Yet at the same time I am excited for the project and have visions of how my life will be in the new space with my partner, exciting times are ahead. 

What I would say is if you choose to do renovations make sure you started the project in a happy space, as it will be a tiresome project towards the end, you just seeking the deadline as that deadline seems to always extend with builders. Be prepared and take this as a warning m, no matter how much Instagram suggests living your best life is glamorous, the reality behind a lot of those stylised pictures and #bestlife imagery showing us how easy it can all be is that it’s hard and a lot of work is behind each one. Basically I am saying the truth is not always as it appears, however as I write this I say it’s time to shamelessly plug my new Instagram page @plinthhouse 
Based on the project we doing the build and the lifestyle, most are glamorous images but I do share the ups and downs too on the instastories.

What more can I say...

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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Buffy the vampire slayer is back

Like most who I personally know, my teenage years was not the best. This post isn’t about that you will be relieved to know it’s about the escapism of ‘Buffy the vampire slayer’ I always had through those years.  

I still remember when I first come across buffy on VHS in Blockbuster’s, boy I rented that first episode ‘welcome to the harvest’ way too many times. 

Then came the sweet release of the series on BBC2 at 645pm where I would run home to see the show (before the times of on demand tv) never missing an episode. Then came binge watching at the start before Netflix when boxsets where real boxsets on VHS. Cutting a long story short and feeling like a dinosaur as I write this introduction and moving to the point of the blog ...

Buffy has been rereleased set not from my 90’s days but in the present. Without giving anything away with the twists of the first I will say the reflection that willow is gay and no big coming out story impressed me so much. Giles is the same in it and they have kept the geeky side of Zander. I enjoyed reading this first episode so much, and the buffy rumour mill has been that Sarah Michelle Geller will reunite with the cast to do a joss whedon film. Everyone talks of the hope it will not be like the first ever buffy film, and I was so excited about this prospect until reading the comic rerelease of the show.

I’m now thinking the comic has captured everything the show had and doing it for a new audience, the nostalgic side of me will be following this, but now I question not only the casts age, will they be able to ever do a film now? 

Have they left it too long, not just their own age as they are no longer passing as teenagers, but we live in new times and  this is from the pre social media generation can they reflect the same energy? 

Even Dawn would be in her 30’s now or quite close, so yes I hope they bring it back but for now I am going to saviour on to this remake on comic format. If you have read it let me know when you think? 

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

February as an overview

So as February closes and March comes to I reflect on what a month it’s been, from  London Fashion Week (LFW), Spa days, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Juno Dawson, and aromatherapy for sleep. 

So I am pretty much as a loss of where to start in regards to this months post, as I said it’s been a busy month and what I intend to do over the course of the next few days is post on these topics individually as they all deserve there own platform and not in my February overview. 

One thing you may have also noticed is that the other half to quirky, Olga who posts on here has not been posting for a while. Please do not be concerned she is taking a short sabbatical and when she has finished I hope to see her posts for us all to read this 2019, may you also feel free to tweet Instagram and post on here directly to her so she is away of the support and that we are all excited to here from here quirky adventures from her own perspective. 

Until my next post, stay quirky as always 

Monday, 28 January 2019


As I am travelling back to the UK wearing my #iwannabeaspicegirl jumper, I ponder should I still be wearing this top? 

As much as I love this top for my love of the spicegirls and the #genderjustice message which a lot of fans supported too, I now feel it’s slightly disheartening wearing this top with the recent news stories of the jumper being made in sweatshops in Bangladesh. I must state this factory was not approved by the band, but the clothing producers secretly changing factories without letting Comic Relief or the Spice Girls know and defeating the purpose of this charity top.

One thing I would love to see is the girls giving a percentage of their ticket sales to the right sources to try to rectify the mistake of not double checking production of the clothing being ethical. Yes I bought the top as a fan but I also bought it for the ethical reasoning behind it and feel it’s not lived up to the message behind the top sadly, so now I question should this be a top I should support and wear? 

If you have any views on this, please leave a comment I would love to have a discussion on this with other fans and non fans. 

Until next time staying quirky as always 

Saturday, 26 January 2019

30 something and blogging

I have tried many times to blog and blog and then think maybe is easier to just post on Instagram. 

Let’s face facts I am not going to land up changing my carrier as a YouTuber or blogger full time, not to fault those who do, in fact those who have managed to support themselves whilst doing this as a full time job I applaud. It is not a skill I have mastered to that same level, I do this because I enjoy it and every now and again it has paid of in the past.

Is age the reason? Was I born just slightly at the cusp of the this new generation where I remember the  Spice Girls and All Saints first singles like it was yesterday, I’m not young anymore, yet not old either. Let’s face facts I have got to my 30’s and the Bridgett Jones years. 

So I am still going to blog, but I feel to be honest to myself and to make it more interesting to the readers I have to be honest when I write, life is no longer fashion party after fashion party and launch after launch. Though that does still exists in my life, but also so does house hunting, renovations and healthy living. All these aspects are reflected for your 20 somethings But where is it for your 30 somethings? 

So what I have learned this January  is that I want to document these other parts of my life to, maybe it will also help some others going through the same thing? Maybe it be a talking space? Maybe nobody will read it going forth. 

Only time will tell. 
Staying quirky 


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Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Look at the picture in the gallery

It’s been a few years since I have been to the national gallery, and I thought as I had time before going to the show let’s pop in and see some fine art, I was in for a surprise as you can see but what I wrote when I was staring in the galley ...

The national gallery 
What a shame.

How the pictures have now lost there meaning to people, it’s a instant hashtag an instant hit. 

People posing to be seen by the most iconic pieces the sunflowers of Van Gogh . 

Snap click and snap again get the perfect angle and filter on and loose all respect for the piece. 

Look through the camera but don’t actually see. We can all view the pictures online or in a book but to be there in real to capture the energy to feel the strokes of the artist.

How there energy lives on in the viewer even long gone after the artist has died. But these paintings are dying, dying to be seen to be touched with the eyes. However they are degraded through a instant hashtag or an Instagram click.

They need to be viewed they have voices and stories to share but there screams are turning to muffled silence as people snap the soul away from them. 

So when you next go to a gallery don’t just click and snap listen, look and hear the message the artists are whispering through there creativity.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

A gay and a nongay Podcast

It’s been a long time that I have been excited over a Podcast, the last time to be precise was Russell Brand before the whole scandal for him and Jonathan Ross being sacked from the BBC.

Recently I have been exploring the delights of Spotify a bit more then I normally do, playing recommendations rather than going to the albums I know. As it is Pride month I have been exploring the recommendations and am totally behind the times and did not know Spotify had Podcasts.

I have been recently hooked on the series of ‘A gay and non gay’ it started as something to listen to while doing the chores, and now I am running through the how catalog binge listening and rushing to catch up with the present episode.

From inside jokes like ‘I’m bumming this podcast’ to knowledge of James dating life and Dans frustrations of band T-shirts being sold in H&M for fashion and not musical reference, you start to feel like you are part of this small click that is actually welcoming you in on the jokes.

I would really recommend to everyone to try listening to a few episodes. well maybe not family members, work colleagues or people basically who are not your close friends, lol.

Nobody wants to recommend a show to the listed above talk about douches, slut shaming and basically most of James Barr’s comments though I am safe to say Dan the non gay of the podcast brings the naughty tone down and makes some very on point comments which help balance out the show. Though both presenters make the show what it which is now my new commuting addiction.

I am not a professional writer as you are all aware, but I did want to share this month how much I am loving listening to this and hope you like it too when you check Spotify, iTunes or whatever you use to listen to your podcasts. 

Happy listening and let me know what you think.